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Bad Teacher (2011) is the latest American comedy film starring Cameron Diaz (The Green HornetKnight and Day) as Elizabeth Halsey, an unabashed, vulgar gold-digger who is yet to secure a man as the film begins with her loaded fiancée leaving her.

A grotesquely awful film about a pathetically shallow woman who will do whatever she can for “new tits”, while working as a teacher in a high school. Cameron Diaz is constantly sexualised and the humour is so immature I recommend re-watching The Mask (1994) for a purposefully juvenile movie.

Diaz stars alongside several up and coming actors, the first being Lucy Punch (Dinner For Schmucks and short lived TV series The Class) as a dedicated teacher she takes the caricature role of Diaz’s nemesis, Amy Squirrel. This character is by far the worst of a bad bunch, I’d rather punch myself in the face and groin with a knuckle duster on than watch her again.

Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the highly successful TV series How I Met Your Mother) is the only character with any lines that may be considered “funny” or believable. While Diaz’s former lover Justin Timberlake (The Social Network) joins her for a hideous scene of dry humping.

This is not a film t watch with your family but unfortunately I was sat there next to my middle-aged, teacher aunt. Eff that, this is not a film to watch. Save your money and spend it on ANYTHING ELSE!

Bad Teacher Trailer