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Gaymers Camden Crawl 2011 took place on Saturday (30th April) and Sunday (1st May.) After you exchange your ticket for a wristband, you get free access to every participating venue in Camden (which is a lot).

Saturday saw the Urban Nerds at Koko and Sunday was spent pub hopping to Kentish Town’s venue, the HMV Forum for The Guillemots.

The ticket swap (tickets for wristbands) ends at 8.30 p.m. and unfortunately I’m habitually late everywhere. Luckily I was with a friend and we blagged our way into the brilliant Camden venue Koko.

Brighton based Supercharged teamed up with the Urban Nerds for a night to remember. The line up featured Toddla TEngine-Earz ExperimentMaveric Sabre,Klose One & Rattus Rattus, among others.

The crowd was mostly people in their late 20s and early 30s, which made blagging free alcohol easier. There’s always a silver lining.

We entered Koko to a packed crowd who were buzzed and dancing the night away. Though the numbers thinned as the night progressed, it continued on to 3 a.m. through the sticky floor and slumbering drunks which littered the club.

After many night buses, some sleep and a shower it was back to Gaymers Camden Crawl. The town seemed even busier than when I attended in 2008, after winning the Best Metropolitan Festival at the Festival Awards UK 2010. It’s a deserving winner: the high concentration of venues and edgy reputation of the location in North London, it’s easily accessible, fun and attracts a wide variety of people.

Sunday began as we hit my favourite dive bar The Good Mixer on Inverness Street, opposite the station.It’s worth checking out any time you’re in Camden: it has a great indie jukebox and a jägermeister machine (that’s all it takes to attract me anywhere). On Sunday the pub also had live acts crammed into the front bar which drew more patrons to the pub and it was soon time to move on.

Then began the walk to the HMV Forum for The Guillemots set. After their recently released second album there was a lot of hype behind the performance and the venue reflected it with a crammed standing area. The band lived up to expectations with a brilliant gig.

The Guillemots – ‘Made-Up Love Song #43’

The big news of Sunday, however, was Odd Future on the outdoor Redbull Stage. They attracted a massive crowd and their stage was invaded by fans after Tyler, The Creator climbed the amps and used many an expletive.

Tyler, The Creator – ‘Yonkers’

A great festival for those in London, you can stay at home and know your way about or even take visitors to the city. But as it’s a Metropolitan festival it’s one you can always visit when you’re older. Otherwise, it may be best to save your pennies and camp for the weekend while you still have the patience and the liver.

Do you prefer large festivals or city-based festivals? What’s your favourite venue in Camden? What’s the most amount of drinks you’ve blagged? Any tips?