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The fourth studio album Blood Pressures from alternative rockers The Kills is the follow up to their 2008 Midnight Boom.

For fans of the previous three albums you will be both happy and unsurprised by this latest offering. With the fuzzy, grit of Jamie ‘Hotel’ fashionable-boyfriend-of-KateMoss Hince’s guitar and the seductive snarls of Alison ‘VV’ Mosshart proves that a few years off has not blunted their uber-hip edge.

The recent disbandment of The White Stripes has left a garage-rock-shaped gap in in my heart, waiting to be filled. The Kills have always been dirtier and rougher, now is the time for them to get the attention they deserve.

’Future Starts Slow’ is a brilliant beginning to the album with the lines “You can holler, / You can wail, / You can swing, / You can flail, / You can fuck like a broken sail” and you’re hooked. The powerful convinction of the lyrics runs through The Kills music and all the more so in Blood Pressures.

As ’Satellite’ shows Mosshart channelling the influence from her side project with Jack White, “Operator, Operator. Dial me back, / Operator, Operator. Put me Through” would slot nicely into The Dead Weather‘s album Horebound.

The White Stripes – ‘Hello Operator’

The stand out track of the album is ‘Nail In My Coffin’ with the bitter anger of its lyrics. Especially the fierce tone of the chorus “Quit being a nail in my coffin and I don’t need another one, / Quit being a line I’m crossing that I am never gonna get back from”. The relatable honesty hooks you in until you’re sneering and snarling along.

‘The Last Goodbye’ offers a different tone and shows an exciting take on lo-fi minimalism which The Kills embrace. The bare melody with piano and violins shows a departure in sound but retains powerful lyrics like “I can’t get by on audience love, / That doesn’t match up

Blood Pressures is not an innovative, experimental concept epic but The Kills do what they do best. Though a brilliant album that you can enjoy again and again.

The Kills – ‘Nail In My Coffin’