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Polydor – January 2011

The black clad, London based trio White Lies are back with the follow up to their debut album To Lose My Life. The city provides an ample setting to the angst sheathed gloom of Ritual.

Following on smoothly from their first album, Ritual encompasses the echoing, ethereal vocals of lead singer Harry McVeigh and marries them to reverberating guitar and the strong drum beats expected of White Lies. Though death is no longer the focal, driving theme, melancholy is dripping from every crevice as electronica has seeped into White Lies’ repertoire.

Once again White Lies provide a triumphant bleak look into life’s shadows. From ‘Is Love’ where love can never be overhyped to the glorious urban loneliness of ‘Streetlights’, White Lies defecate on the silver lining and you enjoy it.

First single ‘Bigger Than Us’ is a passionate epic which awaits a festival crowd. Similarly ‘Strangers’ invokes a dramatic otherworldly concoction of violins and distorted guitar that shall be hailed in the open air.

White Lies’ sound is often compared to Interpol and Editors. Though White Lies seem less established and mature than their contemporaries, in both their sound and following. This is probably because of their youth which made them late to the post-punk revival party.

White Lies are balancing on the second album tight rope of progression: enough to be different and yet not too much to retain their fan base. Although it will please existing fans Ritual is weighty with its intensity and is unlikely to attract those indisposed to the gothic ramblings of three moody Londoners.

White Lies – ‘Bigger Than Us’

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