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Island – November 2010

After the first release of ‘Caesar’ off this album there was fear that Sting’s daughter may actually have some potential. Oh! The horror. To the delight of many, any promise that the track showed seems to have been ironed out into a bland beige over the 13 other tracks of I Blame Coco’s debut album The Constant, phew.

The disco, electro beginnings of the album in ‘Selfmachine’ are similar to Frankmusik without the added energy or pep. The energy is kept low by the husky androgyny of Coco Sumner’s vocals, fitting the metallic lyrics of a cold, unfeeling life, “Lonely robot in a wasteland / Rusting in a lonely harbor”.

Second track ‘In Spirit Golden’ is one of those epic, high flying tracks which would get you into the festival spirit. It’s light and a breezy with the vocals spiraling upwards and becoming distant. With a greater energy and the dramatic drums of the ‘80s which I blame Coco seems to be fond of.

The pianos and electro beats of third track ‘Quicker’ give a mild unchallenging mixture of genres. There are some hints of hope in the excitement of ‘Please Rewind’ which reminds you that this album is well written and an easy listen, beginning with symbol crashing emergency.

The tempo then drops into ‘Summer Rain’ giving a glimmer of hope as the more distant vocals and the emotional intensity of the song adds a mystery and a beauty to the song. The rambling chorus has a palpable sense of regret “Take the time you might miss your love. / I think I’ve missed mine”.

The song ‘Party Bag’ is the next silver lining as it has that feel of a melancholy summer pop tune. If you think that’s an oxymoron check out White Lies. There’s nothing particularly spectacular or catchy to the songs of the album, it seems a little needlessly drawn out. Whereas ‘No Smile’ is like emo gone reggae with its emotional lyrics and jaunty rhythm. The mix of genres have now become confusing and disorientated.

The dramatic drums beat of ‘It’s About To Get Worse’ continues the flashback to the ‘80s. This leads into a remix and the finale of earlier track ‘Quicker’ which gives the album an uninspired ending. In the end and all the way through The Constant is a chilled, unchallenging album.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn – ‘Caesar’

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